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Rapid Supply Solutions and our partners help to power the oil & gas industry in complex challenges. Our company works with the world’s most advanced companies that design, manufacture and test products to the highest industry standards and certifications. The oil and gas industry has always demanded a professional approach to work and the use of high quality parts, otherwise possible failures can lead to a complete failure of a project. For these reasons, meticulous project execution, a value-enriching offer, advanced engineering skills and services are more important today than ever before.

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Created from a single concept design to help with safe waste management and evolved over 30 years into an international spill control and spill containment specialist manufacturer. Based in Livingston, West Lothian, Empteezy acts a one-stop shop for legislation-compliant spill response solutions dealing with a variety of requirements including; oil and chemical storage, spill response and emergency safety showers.

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Gates has been solving the oil & gas industry’s biggest challenges for safe, reliable, and efficient systems for more than 30 years.

  • Products that are designed and tested to the highest industry standards including API 7K and 16C specifications.
  • Certified Black Gold® hose assemblies increase the uptime of critical pumping and control systems.
  • A full spectrum of fluid power and power transmission products from low pressure to high pressure hoses, and specialized power transmission solutions.
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LAPP offers effective cabling solutions that deliver reliable performance and energy transfer, even under the oil & gas industry’s harsh conditions.

LAPP’s extensive line of wires, cables, cable accessories, industrial connectors and strain relief cable glands is designed to exceed expectations, even when faced with the intense challenges associated with deep well oil exploration and drilling operations.

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Rapid built partner relationships with leading companies with proved track records and highly skilled professionals.