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Rapid Supply Solution, as an official  distributor of international companies, has gained a great deal of confidence in the food sector through its serious and responsible approach to work.

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Gates food and beverage solutions have all the ingredients to drive your operation’s success: increased efficiency, USFDA compliance, high precision operation, long-term reliability, and all sanitation approvals. Even more, in cooperation with Rapid Supply Solution engineers will custom design and size a hose assembly or belt drive system to serve your niche industry or high volume production facility, with innovative solutions to help you do more, produce more, and get the most out of your operations day after day.

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Empteezy Group is a collection of international manufacturing corporations specialising in spill control, spill containment and spill response solutions.The food and drink industry is subject to strict regulations covering contamination, worker safety, hygiene, packaging and more. With 35% of major injuries as a result of a slip or trip equating to around 1,300 injuries per year, spill prevention is ever important. 90% of slips are due to the floor being wet with water or spillages from the production process.


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Within the Food & Beverage industry all electrical components must be resistant to a very wide range of chemical, thermal and physical stresses so that they can be used in refrigerated areas and humid environments. It is particularly important that the electrical components hold resistance to the aggressive acidic and alkaline industrial cleaning agents used to maintain hygiene standards. LAPP offers a comprehensive range of standard and specialised products which meet the requirements of the food, beverage and packaging industries.

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