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Ukrabrasiv is one of the leaders of the Ukrainian market among industrial enterprises-manufacturers of abrasive metal wheels.

The location of the plant of the enterprise LLC “UKRABRAZIV” is not accidental. Traditionally, Kharkiv is considered one of the most industrial cities in Ukraine. The great potential of qualified specialists in various fields and a convenient transport interchange made Slobozhansky district an ideal place to locate an enterprise.

In search of effective methods for the production of high-quality products, we used the lines of many European industries, and we were trained by the best specialists. As a result, we can take pride in a well-delivered modern technological process based on world-class equipment.

The product portfolio of LLC “UKRABRAZIV” today covers the entire market of abrasive tools, capturing both industrial professional and amateur use.

Abrasive metal wheels of this brand “Sprut-A” and “Titan Abbrasive” are characterized by a long service life and have an increased cutting possibility, grinding ratio and high productivity and safety in operation, that make it possible to occupy a leading position in the market.

Creating a quality control system, Ukrabrasive proceeded only from recognized world standards, wishing to satisfy the needs of the most stringent and demanding buyers who compete in the market only with foreign manufacturers.

The product quality of TPK UKRABRAZIV LLC is annually confirmed by the Certificate of Conformity with the requirements of GOST 21963-2003, and it has a European certificate EN12413. The quality management system for the production of abrasive tools complies with international requirements, that is confirmed by ISO 9001 Certificate. The products of TM TITAN ABRAZIV received the Certificate of an independent agency MPA (Germany, Hanover) in 2018. Exigent German experts confirmed its compliance with all safety requirements of the European standard EN 12413.

Titan Abrasive Cut-off wheel

Professional abrasive tools made from high quality European raw materials, characterized by high performance, as well as first-class indicators of wear resistance, accuracy and cutting speed. Maximum safety during work.

Application: all types of metals, materials of mineral and synthetic origin.

Equipment: angle grinder

Sprut-A Cut-off wheel

Feature: high coefficient of wear resistance, accuracy and cutting speed, meets high safety requirements.

Application: all types of metals, materials of mineral and synthetic origin.

Equipment: angle grinder

Cutting discs for metal RAIL

The disk for cutting rail is used on specialized machines – rail cutters. It is used for safe cutting of parts of various shapes: rails, corners, fittings, pipes, sheets, etc. made of steel, cast iron or hardened alloys. A rail cutting disc confidently cuts even hardened steel with fine-grained abrasive particles of high hardness and strength. The disk is reinforced with three reinforced fiberglass mesh with a density of 370 g / m2, which provides it with greater stability, increases rigidity and durability. The high efficiency of this product is associated with the ability to work with a very high linear speed of 100 m / s. Ruler for domestic and semi-professional use. Raw materials: Ukraine, Europe. For working on angle grinders.

Flap end discs

Material: normal electrocorundum A, N and electrocorundum zirconium E, R.

Application: Flap end discs (FED) are used for the widest range of operations: removal of scale and burrs, stripping of edges and welds of parts and structures made of metal, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, wood, plastics, as well as grinding and surface finishing.

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