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Empteezy® is the home of quality engineered spill containment and spill control products. Company’s overriding aim is to help you comply with legislation and implement best practice in connection with your oil and chemical storage needs, spill response programmes (including spill kits, emergency safety showers, tank shower applications and waste handling projects).

Empteezy’s products are tailored to meet the requirements of a variety of different working environments including industrial, commercial, military, marine and educational settings. Empteezy manufacture in excess of 70% of the products available in their own factories, making them well placed to provide you with expert advice on how their products can help you meet UK, EU and International Standards relating to spill containment and spill control of most liquids. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to Empteezy which is why they aim to provide a complete service and develop long-term relationships.

Empteezy will always work with you to resolve any issues that are encountered in a timely and professional manner. As an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 accredited company, Empteezy use the vast array of experience they have amassed over the years to provide practical advice over the phone, by email, regular blogs on industry related topics or their web-based advice centre. They also offer free of charge confidential site assessments with detailed follow-up reports.


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Spill Flooring

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Indoor storage

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Drum Heater

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