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LAPP: This name stands for innovative connection solutions like no other. This brand stands for quality, customer service and a deep understanding of the industries and applications in which their products are used. LAPP are the world market leader, supplying everything from cable, connectors and accessories to fully integrated connection solutions. LAPP products are used in production machinery, industrial robots, public transport, food processing, alternative energy, charging systems for electric vehicles, oil drilling platforms and much more. They are the product of choice for mountain climbers and polar explorers. With a global workforce of 4,650 people, LAPP generated 1,222 million euros of turnover in the past year.

Our customers appreciate our expertise and service. The 40,000 products in our catalogue reflect our manufacturing prowess. We always want to offer the best solution. If the customer cannot find what they are looking for in our catalogue, our experts are on hand to develop a solution together.

LAPP delivers to every corner of the world, with most products ready to be delivered quickly off the shelf. To guarantee this, the company has development centres, production facilities and warehouses all over the globe. With 51 sales companies and around 100 national partners, customers of LAPP always have someone to talk to.

LAPP is well positioned for the future, just like Oskar and Ursula Ida Lapp were when they founded the company in 1959. In 1957, Oskar Lapp created the ÖLFLEX® control cable, the first protected trademark in the industry. More quickly followed. Throughout its history, the business has always been in family ownership. In Matthias Lapp, the third generation of the family has now begun to assume responsibility for the Company.


ÖLFLEX® Power and control cables

ÖLFLEX® is used in machinery, machine tools, system and appliance engineering, measuring, control, heating and air conditioning technologies. Lapp’s flexible and oil-resistant cables satisfy the highest demands and can withstand even the very toughest conditions.

UNITRONIC® Data communication systems

Lapp produces a full range of data cables for fast and secure transfers of large volumes of data.
High-quality UNITRONIC data network cables and field bus components provide a forwardlooking solution for all applications in industrial machinery and plant engineering. From transmission of simple control signals to field bus signals in complex network structures we offer a dependable cabling and connection solution for almost every situation.

ETHERLINE® Data communication systems

The Lapp Group is now in a position to offer comprehensive system solutions in the field of industrial networking. Lapp’s ETHERLINE branded products open up a secure, fast and reliable path to the future of Ethernet applications, e.g. PROFINET. The systems are made up of durable and robust cables and connection components for passive and active network technology, and deliver an effective solution for almost any application, particularly in an industrial environment.

HITRONIC® Optical transmission systems

HITRONIC® fibre optic cables are designed to transfer large volumes of data. Lapp’s HITRONIC fibre optic cables make transmitting large data volumes easy: fault free, bug proof and at almost light speed . Even electromagnetic radiation does not interfere with the transmission. The HITRONIC range includes the ideal solution for indoor or outdoor use, for demanding conditions, and even for use in power cables.

EPIC® industrial connectors

When we talk about secure connections, you can take us at our word. EPIC® industrial connectors produce an absolutely secure connection. EPIC industrial connectors can be found everywhere in industrial machinery and plant engineering, for measuring, control and drives. EPIC is a flexible system of housings, inserts and contacts: all extremely robust, absolutely safe and simplicity itself to assemble.

SKINTOP® Cable glands

SKINTOP® cable glands guarantee secure connections every time. Simply thread the cable and twist.
Lapp’s SKINTOP cable glands provide secure connections in no time. The universal systems are simple but effective. They secure and center the cable, hermetically seal it and guarantee optimum strain relief.

SILVYN® Protective Cable Conduit systems

In many applications cables have to be additionally protected against mechanical and chemical stress. The universal range of SILVYN protection and guidance systems protect cables effectively against dust , moisture, mechanical, thermal and chemical influences. The versatile SILVYN CHAIN range of energy supply chains also protect and guides cables in dynamic applications.

FLEXIMARK® Cable marking products

Labels on single cores, cables, and control cabinets need to remain legible for years to come. These sophisticated systems mean that a clear overview inside a control cabinet is no longer just a pipe dream. From simple labels for manual marking through to electronics markings , the FLEXIMARK range is guaranteed to be permanent.

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